ESP 15 - Rapid Wound Care (Bulk)

ESP 15 - Rapid Wound Care (Bulk)

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Safe, all natural, highly concentrated, organic herbal formula for use on BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER BITES, BEE STINGS, TICK BITES, CUTS, SCRAPES, BLISTERS, INFECTIOUS HARD TO HEAL WOUNDS, and MUCH MORE!!

ESP-15 is available in BULK!!! PLEASE CALL FOR LARGE ORDERS, but we can send you as much as you need, in 1 pound bags. Because ESP-15 is HIGHLY CONCENTRATED it does not take much, but if you want to make sure to have enough organic wound care on hand for your visitors, bulk is a great way to go! 

ESP-15 is a dry herb and only requires a small amount of liquid and a bandage to apply. This liquid can be anything from water, coffee, tea, saliva, blood, even urine. Whatever kind of liquid you have available will activate the herbal formula.  

Contains Vitamins: A-C-K B1-B2-B3-B complex, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, blood coagulant, blood purifier, rapid wound sealing agent, mucilage agent, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, tannis, beta carotene, carbohydrates, hexose.

Disclaimer- Information contained within is for personal use and information only. ALWAYS consult a medical professional for injuries and/or wounds. Furthermore, said information is not intended to suggest medical treatment, diagnose health problems or disease, and is not intended to advise any type of medical substitute treatment."

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