Our Partners

We have partnered with the Warrior Transition Network Foundation, to help in their mission of helping veterans and other soldiers transition into communities by providing a process consisting of employment assistance, mentorship, access to food, shelter, and other resources needed to become self-sufficient. 

The Warrior Transition Network Foundation does not give a hand out. They give a step up with the tools and connections they have to businesses and individuals in the community.

The vision of the Warrior Transition Network Foundation is to "To bridge the gap for our nation’s heroes who find themselves feeling left behind in life - and provide them with the tools and resources to quickly recover and get back to finding happiness and success." 

The story behind the Warrior Transition Network Foundation can be found at https://www.wtnf.org/our-story 

Gagoti Healing donates 5% of the proceeds from Online Orders of ESP-15 to the Warrior Transition Network.

Together we can make a difference! To learn more about how to help our Veterans, visit www.wtnf.org  


2020 brought many changes and one of those was our marketing partnership with Justin Kickett and Overtime Studio in St. Louis MO!! 

Check out our videos on Gagoti Healing & MyCityMyMusic's  Facebook, YouTube pages, and even IHeart Radio with Crypto Crazy Carla to learn more about Gagoti Healing, how our products work and what our team is busy developing.

Justin does a great job promoting and recording our sessions!!

Look him up for your business's advertising needs!!