People's Before & After Wound Care Photos

You may have heard the phrase " The proof is in the puddin ". That's what this page is for Gagoti's proprietory rapid herbal wound care, ESP-15. If you knew Doc before Gagoti Healing, LLC was established, you may know ESP-15 as "Spider Bite Stuff". The name was changed when we realized how versatile ESP-15 is for wounds. It's not just for spider bites! 

ESP-15 Rapid Wound Care works by drawing the toxins and impurities from the skin and replacing them with the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs anyway! The following photos are very real and some are even more gruesome! 

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Woman stung by a bee or wasp on her nose.


Brown Recluse Bite Cared for with ESP-15


Brown Recluse Bite cared for with ESP-15


The dark spot is the toxin that ESP-15 drew from a spider bite!


Concrete chemical burn cared for using ESP-15.

ESP-15 helped hair regrow on this gentleman's head.

ESP-15 vs Rare Skin Disorder



ESP-15 helped relieve the effects of this woman's laser hair removal burn.

ESP-15 helped clear up acne! It is in all of our face cleansers and masks.

ESP-15 vs. Infected Stitches when they were removed.

ESP-15 vs. a sore on a woman's finger

ESP-15 vs. Shingles!

ESP-15 vs. Severe Infection

ESP-15 vs Dog Bite

ESP-15 vs Toe Fungus

ESP-15 vs New Staples

ESP-15 vs Unknown Infection 5 days!


ESP-15 vs Severe Infection (24 hours)


ESP-15 vs Crushed Ankle (Motorcycle Accident)


ESP-15 vs Crushed Ankle


ESP-15 vs Crushed Ankle (Green is herb, black is dead or rotting flesh)


ESP-15 vs Crushed Ankle

ESP-15 vs Severly infected cut after being sticthed up!


ESP-15 vs Deep Infection from Dirty Dishes infected stitches! 42 days

Another gentleman nearly sliced his thumb to the bone with electric tool on accident. He wrapped it and “took care” of it in his own. That didn’t work out so well so he went to the doctor and was given antibiotics and a cream. It kept the infection from progressing but wasn’t really doing much for what was already there. There was so much infection his thumb, it was nearly to the bone!

After a little convincing from a friend of his (because of their experience with ESP15) he tried it. Initially it HURT! Like nothing he had ever felt. He was literally feeling the battle going on between the infection wanting to take residence in his thumb and the ESP15 Rapid Wound Care that said it didn’t belong there. ESP15 works by drawing the toxins and impurities from the skin and replacing it with nutrients. It hurt so bad because of the amount of infection that it was fighting. Within a few hours he started to notice the lain subsiding. By the third day, it wasn’t so bad and within a couple weeks, his thumb was almost back to normal again! 

This is a true example of what ESP 15 can do and why you need to use it at the first sign of infection… Avoid the pain! 

These are the photos from that situation. 

The ESP15 will stick to the wound if it is still working. When rinsing the wound, use cool water and DO NOT pick at the herb that stays. Simply apply more fresh over it and let it continue. As a Veteran, this is like leaving the company on and calling in the battalion for reinforcements. Let it work. 

Notice the swelling is more focused and drawing to the herb. This will continue until the herbs have drawn out everything that should not be in there as long as you continue to keep it fresh and clean as needed.  

The body will shed the damaged and rotten flesh to replace it with fresh. This is where the vitamins and nutrients in ESP15 help to speed up the process by giving the body the additional assistance. 

 At this time most would stop using the wound care because it looks better. Stick with it for an additional few days to allow time for maximum recovery and minimal scaring. 


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