Still Skeptical? 

  • Does it really work like you say it does?  Yes, it really does. The photos are the proof. Check them out.   
  • Can I try it first? Email us at AskDoc@GagotiHealing.com with a photo of what you are dealing with and we will send you a free sample of the product to try. 

I've tried everything! What makes you think this will help with my acne???

All of Gagoti's formulas are highly concentrated and the Acne Fighting products are infused with our own ESP-15 Rapid Wound Care! The honey, vegetable glycerin, rose water, and other essential oils that it is blended with makes a great facial detox!!  

Karlie had tried numerous products through out her teen years with no results in clearing up her acne. Our development team went to work putting together an acne fighting cleanser.  Karlie could feel the difference after the FIRST time of using Cherokee Gold Acne Prone Cleanser! 

 Before:  After 

 Yes! This is the same woman!!!

Within three months, her stubborn acne had vanished and left in its place healthy, glowing, smooth skin.

When we added CBD oil to the cleanser, Karlie told our development team not to change a thing. She LOVES it!!!  This product became known as "The Karlie" and it is THE ONLY thing she will put on her face. 


After less than 3 months, she was confident and glowing!!

Cherokee Gold cleansers, masks, and moisturizers are natural and made with organic ingredients when available. Cherokee Gold cleansers and masks are great drawing and cleansing agents as well as humectants to put the moisture back into the skin.

Cherokee Gold Facial Moisturizers are a great follow up; sealing in that soft clean feeling and protecting it from the dirt & grime of the day. 


Questions about ESP-15 Rapid Wound Care...

  • Are the herbs safe for kids? Yes, all of Gagoti's products are safe for children. However, we do not recommend children taking them internally because they are highly concentrated and their bodies are so young and still maturing. Talk with their pediatrician before giving them any of our internal products. 

 Wondering about Tri-Plex Mend Animal Wound Care? 

  • What animals can I use the Tri-Plex Mend on? We have not found an animal yet that Tri-Plex Mend cannot be used on. The Sidekick has honey in its formula and absorbs very well into the skin, even if they try licking or wiping it off. So far, we have tried Tri-Plex Mend on chickens, dogs, cats, horses with great success.



Details on Receiving Your Order: 

  • How long does it take to receive my order? We try to get orders out the same day, but in some cases, we do get delayed. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing and another 1-3 for our free standard shipping; unless you choose to pay for expedited. 
  • Will I get a confirmation of my order? Yes, You will receive an email with an order confirmation. We include a tracking number with every shipment that goes out. These details are updated within the email and contain directions on how you can track the status of your order.