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Living in the Midwest we have millions of poisonous spiders; including Brown Recluse. We developed a formula that, not only remedied the brown recluse bite but discovered it addressed most types of infectious wounds. This includes but is not limited to, bug bites, spider bites, abscesses (incl. oral), ticks, poison ivy, shingles, cuts, scrapes and stings. 

Our mission is to bring a quality, affordable product to the market place. We feel that our products should be enjoyed and used by everyone. We asked our research department to assist in making our products affordable without jeopardizing the integrity of the formulas. The team offered a tremendous solution; sizing. We are offering the same product but in affordable sizes.

In our development we realized the different life styles of all our customers. We have successfully packaged our products to be conducive to everyone’s life styles. Every mother’s purse and diaper bags, backpacks, saddle bags, first aid kits, camping gear to tackle boxes.

Our team can be reached by email, mail, phone, or text!

8607 Mitchell Ln., French Village, MO 63036

English Customer Service: (855) 392-3300                                                       

Spanish Customer Service: (855) 274-4441