Acne Spot Treatment (Premixed and Ready to Use)

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All natural, organic, highly concentrated ACNE SPOT TREATMENT!! Apply to the stubborn breakout spots. Leave on 20-30 min or as needed. When you begin to notice the liquids being drawn out, wipe off and reapply as to keep the area clean. 

I cleared up a breakout that started on Thanksgiving morning as a sore spot inside my lower lip. I applied the spot treatment to the sore area ( wasn't physically visible yet, but it hurt!)... through the day, I kept herb on it, refreshing it every 20-30 minutes. By dinner that night, it had gone through almost an entire "pimple cycle" and was nearly flat again!!  Within two days, it was dry and gone! 

Contains ESP-15, honey, sweet almond oil, lavender, vegetable glycerin.

ALLERGIES: Contains Sweet Almond Oil

Disclaimer- Information contained within is for personal use and information only. ALWAYS consult a medical professional for injuries and/or wounds. Furthermore, said information is not intended to suggest medical treatment, diagnose health problems or disease, and is not intended to advise any type of medical substitute treatment."

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