Acne Prone Product Set- Cleanser, Moisturizer, Mask, Spot Treatment

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Purchase our acne fighting products as a set and save $10!! A great gift for anyone fighting acne! 

Facial Cleanser 50ml- All natural, organic, highly concentrated facial cleanser specially created for Acne Prone Skin or those with scarring or blemishes that just won't clear up!! Cherokee Gold is a deep cleansing formula that leaves your skin renewed, clearer, and softer while removing unwanted dirt and impurities!

Experience has shown women look and feel younger after using any of our Cherokee Gold Personal Spa products! Wrinkles and pores tighten and fade and with the Acne Prone formula, even old scars are fading, naturally! I personally has not wore makeup since I began using this in 2018, (other than eye shadow or mascara for color on occasions!)... no more need for foundations!!

Acne Spot Treatment 10ml- All natural, organic, highly concentrated ACNE SPOT TREATMENT!! Apply to the stubborn breakout spots. Leave on 20-30 min or as needed. When you begin to notice the liquids being drawn out, wipe off and reapply as to keep the area clean. 

Facial Mask for Acne Prone Skin 10ml- Cherokee Gold infused with a luxurious type of Moroccan clay! This formula is especially created for ACNE, FACIAL SCARRING, & BLEMISHES! Mix with a very small amount of water to the texture of a thin paste. Spread a thin layer evenly across your face. Be extra careful not to get in your eyes. The gritty texture will not feel good! This jar contains enough for two or more facials, depending on how thick it is applied. 

Allow the mask to dry, no longer than 10-15 minutes, depending on your skin type. If you do leave it on too long, the redness it may leave behind will fade through the day and remember to shorten the time or put it on in a thinner layer next time. Because the mask is a highly concentrated blend, use only once a week or every other week to avoid over dryness.  

Facial Moisturizer w/Frankincense (Now known as Sun & Wind) 50ml- All natural & organic facial moisturizer spray formulated with high quality herbs & essential oils. Specifically created for acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Sunburns, Dandruff, Oily skin, Scars, Wrinkles and more!  Simply mist & go! 

Rejuvenates the skin, blocks UVA & UVB rays,  gently cleanse & protect through the day. Sun Protection SPF 8, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, Anti-bacterial, Astringent, Anti-fungal, Hypoallergenic, Oil Control, Non Comedogenic, and also Stimulates Wound  & Skin Damage Repair!!

 Use as the last step of your daily routine. 2.7 Oz bottle with fine mist spray.  Contains: Rose Water, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba, Tea Tree  Essential Oil, Red Raspberry Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil.

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