Face & Body Skin Care

Gagoti Healing's cleansers are deep cleansing formulas that leaves your skin renewed, clearer, and softer while removing unwanted dirt and impurities! Experience has shown women AND men look and feel younger after using any of our Gagoti Healing Personal Spa products! Wrinkles and pores fade and tighten, naturally!

Our research & development staff put together, an amazing formula by combining several organic herbs, essential oils, honey, and rose water. Our R&D staff carefully combined the herbs with a perfect percentage blend making our product extremely effective, affordable and packaged in convenient sizes.

Because our face reflects, not only what is on our skin, but according to what is going on internally; breakouts are more than skin deep. When we do have the occasional stubborn ones, we have a line of products formulated directly towards fighting acne and it's stubborn breakouts! Used together as necessary, Gagoti Healing is a GREAT family of products! 

A concerned mother in New York contacted our office looking for help. Her daughters face was covered in Juvenile Acne and nothing was helping. We sent her ESP-15 with instructions. We suggested leaving the formula on her face overnight. Washing off the ESP-15 the next morning, she was pleasantly surprised. The whelps, redness, and acne was almost all gone. Her teachers and friends asked her what she was using.

After receiving an email from the mother, we were so impressed with the results. Our research and development team went to work. We now have an entire spa product line based off our ESP-15!

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