Damiana Tincture -A Woman's Best Friend!

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I absolutely LOVE this tincture!!! It has a light floral scent and taste, but makes "Aunt Flow" and our menstrual cycle less dreadful!!  When taken regularly, Damiana has reduced my cramps to nearly non-existent and the flow is evenly regulated. It has even shortened my cycle by nearly 2 days! 

Included in this tincture is damiana and a high quality grain alcohol. 

Suggested dosage is 2 droppers 3 times a day as needed. ESPECIALLY during "Aunt Flow's Visit". For best results in managing menstrual symptoms, take regularly as indicated and adjust as needed after 30-60 days.

Because all women are different and we all have different phases of our cycle, be sure to talk with your doctor about including damiana in your daily diet for female hormone regulation.

Disclaimer- Information contained within is for personal use and information only. ALWAYS consult a medical professional for injuries and/or wounds. Furthermore, said information is not intended to suggest medical treatment, diagnose health problems or disease, and is not intended to advise any type of medical substitute treatment."

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