Shingles Relief Vs... Shingles Virus & Rash (Graphic Photos)

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All Natural & Organic Proprietary blend of herbs; proven in trials to win the battle against the Shingles Virus!!! 

100% of the individuals that used Cherokee Gold Shingles Relief noticed nearly instant relief from the burning and itching of the Shingles rash, bleeding, & pain!!  

Every situation is different due to the severity of the virus and immune systems. During our trials, those that used Cherokee Gold Shingles Relief recorded the entire rash & symptoms were gone within 7 days!

Since this herbal formula is Highly Concentrated, One 15ml Shingles Relief generally contains enough herb for one bout with Shingles. If caught soon enough, you will likely have Shingles Relief left over! These herbs have an extremely long shelf life as long as they are kept dry. So if the Shingles Virus returns ( which it can ), you'll already have the Relief for it. 

Here's what Tom had to say after using Cherokee Gold Shingles Relief: 

Directions for use: Mix a small amount of Shingles Relief herbs with a very small amount of water to the consistency of a paste. Apply to affected area and cover with plastic wrap. Seal the edges of the wrap with medical tape (to non affected skin) so that nothing leaks from under the wrap. Change wrap every 8-12 hours or as needed.

Contains Vitamins: A-C-K B1-B2-B3-B complex, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, blood coagulant, blood purifier, rapid wound sealing agent, mucilage agent, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, selenium, tannis, beta carotene, carbohydrates, hexose.

Disclaimer- Information contained within is for personal use and information only. ALWAYS consult a medical professional for injuries and/or wounds. Furthermore, said information is not intended to suggest medical treatment, diagnose health problems or disease, and is not intended to advise any type of medical substitute treatment."

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